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Silly overdetailed idea of what if my OCs were in Friday Night Funkin

Posted by PeacrowVivi - January 17th, 2021

well the title says everything, so lets go i guess??? (everything copy pasted from a discord conversation.)

Pangeia level: The level is settled on the bay of Koral Niebo (the bay where Ferdi found Pan when she was younger) at 17:40 At the background you can see sometimes Ferdi’s boat getting resources The songs are inspired by Sea Shanties with a spice of electro swing. At the Loudspeakers not only is the Girlfriend sitting there, but also Voltaria at the left speaker. In the level its introduced a new gimmick: Stone Arrows/Keys, which are keys that need to be touched more than once to break them and be counted as a point.

Peacrow level: The level is settled on the beach of Costa da Caparica at 19:00 The songs will be inspired by bands like Capitão Fausto or Xutos e Pontapés At the background sometimes you can see Pangeia looking at Peacrow with a look of mockery and spite At this level you can click the keys faster than you should and still get points, if you can do that for a long time, you will confuse Peacrow to the point she will be too confused to sing, hence the look of mockery and spite that comes out of Pan.

Ruby level: The level is settled at the Red Boar Bar,that was the last time where she was seen before her disappearance, at 22:30 The Songs are going to be experimental with synths as main instrument At the background you can see Scarlet Thunder being a bartender as J.D is serving the tables at the bar, you will be at the Karaoke stand of the bar. At this level is introduced the Time Overwrite aspect, basically at moments of the song, it can be rewritten with future or past segments of the song.

Vulture level: The level is settled at Valka/Valga border in Latvia/Estonia on winter at 13:20 At the background there will be loads of people witnessing the rap battle because of how the border is usually a zone where loads of people walk through The songs will be a chill vibe yet it has an odd “spooky” atmosphere At the Loudspeakers, Olene will be sitting at the left speaker, and Eliza will be at the right speaker. At the level is introduced the all in one key, basically will be a key that occupies all directions, simply the spacebar button.

Miranda level: The level is settled in a landscape that is behind Roxana’s house at 3:00 AM, the level is settled so early because she doesn’t want see anyone seeing her singing At the background you sometimes can see very far away the lights of the house turning up and someone looking out of the window. How the challenge is so early, Girlfriend sometimes fells asleep at parts of the song. The songs are usually calm and probably have a jazz vibe into it...until girlfriend feels asleep When girlfriend feels asleep, Miranda will consider that no one is now truly hearing her, and decides to go back to her roots When that happens that song’s pace will get WAY faster, basically M.I.L.F type of fast, until Girlfriend wakes up.

Mavis Level: The level is settled in The Bounty Hunter Station at 10:10 AM In the level Either BF, GF and Mavis have to use a Mask to the other hunters don’t know that they are human. At the background there is a huge statue of “The One that Changed it All” alongside some wanted posters and some bounty requests, there will be also loads of hunters looking at the rap battle. The songs are going to be an future funk theme Nexus will be sitting and the left loudspeaker The level will be introducing to the holo-keys. The holo keys are arrows that you must ignore because they will only waste your time, they are only effective to Mavis since ATLAS have the synth function to respond to the arrows while BF doesn’t have anything to do it so.

At the end of the songs you will quit the station and remove the masks while Mavis will give a rant about your performance at the battle.

And finally the last one Eliza Level: The level will be settled at the Restricted Forest area of Charles’s Wonderland on Ireland, at Midnight (aka: the place where her soul once was stuck in) In this battle GF will be feeling a bit uncomfortable of the vibes of the forest, At the background it’s seen the local wild life between the trees, While Vulture and Olene are hidden on the background to try to support to Eliza without being seen because of how she hates to sing, principly when she is being seen. The songs will have a slightly melancholic vibe yet it somehow is still catchy. On the level is introduced the locked keyzones, basically certain keyzones will be filled with vines, which leads you to use the wasd inputs in certain zones instead of the up down left right keys. In the song, she will be barely visible, the more points and streaks you do, the more visible she gets, but that will stress her out and that will make her song to be either faster out of stress and anxiety or she will start to stop singing and get embarrassed. But if you fail too many points and streaks, she will start to get more confident and more keys start to appear on the song. If you keep insisting on singing if she decides to stop singing, she will get angry and will start locking keys randomly very fast to the point you no longer know what key is blocked or not and will be a bad cost if she decides to sing just to spite you for your insolent attitude.

And thats it!

Sorry if this is weird and all but i had this crazy idea and i really wanted to share lol.